Monday, 2 December 2013

Scullys: Baytree Spice Soap

"This soap is not limited to men however it is great at removing dirt and stains from the skin. With Macadamia Shell (activitve exfoliate) it will leave skin cleansed and smooth with intoxicating fragrance. It is long lasting and glycerine based."

This is so so so rough and scrubby! I couldn't even run the soap over my skin as even the lightest touch was quite sharp so bear that in mind. If you love products that give great exfoliation you will love this. I used it mainly on my feet or held it under the stream of water to avoid ripping my skin up as it is most definitely not suited for my body. It is very much a masculine scent but I really liked it too it's spicy and unique, in a good way. This is a really lovely product for men but if you are looking for an exfoliating soap that isn't floral or sweet definitely give this a go and don't be discourage because it didn't suit me, it is marketed more towards men after all.

The sweet and sour...

  • Rough. Scrubby.
  • Unique scent, spicy. Masculine.

130g, NZ $7.40

Ingredients: Sodium palmate, sodium cocoate, glycerin, water, fragrance, sodium chloride, macadamia shell, sodium etidronate, tetrasodium EDTA, acid yellow, food red, food blue.

Let me know your thoughts! What other Scullys products do you think I should try?

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