Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Karen Murrell: Natural Lipsticks - Sand Storm, Fuchsia Shock, Carnation Mist

"All natural ingredients, long-lasting, a creamy and smooth application. Nourishing for lips. Biodegradable packaging (PLA)."

I really love these! They are so moisturising and the colours are amazing I can't wait to try them all. A purchase that is definitely well worth it!

The sweet and sour...

Sand Storm
I absolutely love the formula and am a big fan of these lipsticks but I really don't think this shade suits me as I'm more of a pink lippy girl but I'm going to make it my mission to branch out and try to rock this shade this summer. Again, this is a fab product if you are looking for a very natural/neutral nude tone.

Fuchsia Shock
I love this colour although I'm often not brave enough to wear it at full strength I usually go for a light swipe but it is a really gorgeous either way. Once again I was not disappointed with this lipstick, it goes on like a dream, is creamy and moisturising and surprisingly fairly long wearing. Thank goodness for Karen Murrell lippies is all I say!

Carnation MistThis is my go-to daily lipstick. I absolutely love the colour as it's so soft and you can build it to a stronger colour if needed. It is creamy and glides on well although I usually apply lip balm before. I really like how it is packed full of safe and natural ingredients in a biodegradable canister. Kudos to Karen Murrell for making some gorgeous lipsticks that are good for the body, environment and are in some lovely shades.

4g, NZ $30

Let me know your thoughts! Don't you just love these!?

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