Monday, 2 December 2013

Avon: Ideal Flawless BB Skin Loving Beauty Balm SPF 15 - Natural Beige


"Lightweight beauty balm with mineral pigments feels breathable and delivers moisture and SPF15 protection without clogging pores. Infused with moisturisers, antioxidants, minerals and vitamin E to help hydrate and protect your skin."

Perfect for summer as the warmer weather arrives as this is a very light BB cream, I may even say it is closer to a tinted moisturiser. It gives light coverage and is very hydrating. Compared to other BB's on the market it most definitely feels more like a lotion/tinted moisturiser formula than a thick cream. It would be brilliant for those with normal or dry skin wanting to even out their skin tone but those with oily/combination I don't want to discourage you this still may be worth a try as I'm quite happy with it and as I sit here outdoors writing this it's not feeling oily or looking shiny, I'm actually surprised at how well it's wearing!

I did really enjoy using this as this shade basically matches my natural skin tone right now and doesn't have a strong orange or dark brown tone which I like so all in all this is great and I will continue to use it. Very natural.

The sweet and sour...

  • Light. Tinted moisturiser like formula.
  • Goes on easily. Light 'fresh faced/natural' coverage.
  • SPF15. Little bit of protection. Good!
  • Wears well. Doesn't feel cakey or as if it is dripping off my face.

30ml, NZ $24.95

Let me know your thoughts! Have you tried this BB cream?

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