Monday, 18 November 2013

Sally Hansen: Age Correct Hand Lift Firming Serum

"Stop the visible signs of ageing. Restore radiance with grapeseed oil. Diminishes fine lines and crepiness. Leaves skin feeling firmer. Anti-Oxidants minimize the aging effects caused by the environment."

This serum is pretty much just a oil for your hands. It's very moisturising and has made my hands feel velvety smooth. My nails have also benefited from using this as they have strengthened and started to grow more. I guess only time will tell if the age correct will work but it sure is moisturising. Perfect product for those with dry hands or want a special hand treatment.

The sweet and sour...

  • Really moisturising, you'll have silky soft skin in the morning.
  • Takes a wee bit to soak in due to being an oil.
  • You don't need much. A little goes a long way.
  • Both a hand, nail/cuticle oil. Multi-purpose.

59ml, NZ $4.99

Let me know your thoughts! 

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