Wednesday, 13 November 2013

CleverWhite: One-Step Whitening Trays

"You can have a bright white smile in only 5 days – 30 minutes a day simply and easily using the one size fits all dental trays prefilled with the correct amount of whitening gel."

As someone who owns and uses on a regular basis an oral irrigation system, floss, tongue scraper, has two toothbrushes and 4 different toothpastes in the bathroom only for myself and chews tooth-friendly xylitol gum daily I felt I was the perfect candidate to try out this product as I'm obsessed with dental care and oral hygiene to say the least but have never used a teeth whitening product aside from the toothpastes that claim to whiten. A massive thanks to Beauty Review for letting me trial this!

What you get is a box of 10 prefilled trays, so 5 sets, top and bottom that you apply for 30 minutes a days for five consecutive days. That's the box gone. There's no mess, they're easy to apply and I do have to say I've noticed differences.

The sweet and sour...

  • Day one: Teeny weeny bit of change, nothing dramatic. Feels so clean and fresh.
  • Day two: A wee bit of sensitivity on bottom teeth. Love the clean feeling.
  • Day three: Hooray! I can really notice the whitening although it's a little uneven and my top seem a bit whiter than the bottom. No extra sensitivity, feels good.
  • Day four: Noticeably whiter, teeny bit sensitive. I used a cotton bud to distribute the gel a little more evenly around the mouth piece to hopefully even it out a bit more.
  • Day five: One tooth in particular is a little sensitive.  They are remarkably whiter, a natural white look. Really impressed!
  • Easy to apply. Just like a small thin mouth guard.
  • Doesn't taste horrid. Mint flavour.
  • Doesn't fit the whole way round my teeth. I assume it's mainly for the ones you seen anyway.
  • I find 30 minutes isn't too long.
  • Leaves my teeth feeling so clean and fresh.
Aside from being hassled by my family, "careful you don't look like Warnie!" ahaha, this has been a joy to test as it has actually given me great results. It's a little uneven but I have never used a whitening system before and I'm sure a few more uses in the future it will be even better both the product and my skill.
    Overall, I absolutely enjoyed using this and am looking forward to trying more whitening products in the future. The CleverWhite whitening strips look great! I'm definitely converted.

    10 prefilled trays (5 uses worth), NZ $49.99

    Ingredients: Glycerine, Aqua, Urea Peroxide, Sorbital, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Aroma, EDTA, BHT.

    Let me know your thoughts! Which whitening system have you gotten good results from?

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