Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Garnier: Anti Ageing BB Cream - Medium

"A new all-in-one age-fighting BB Cream enriched with Pro-Xylane and mineral pigments.

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
Leaves skin feeling firmer
Evens tone & boosts glow
Up to 24hr hydration
SPF 15 UV protection."

I didn't particularly love this which is a shame because I really like the regular/oily BB cream. I found it very thin (I thought it was thinner compared to the regular range?) and didn't provide me with much coverage or help with redness. Granted, I am not their target for this particular 'anti ageing' formula as I'm still on the lower side of 20 so bear that in mind.

After wearing it all day I was very shiny but the colour was almost perfect, maybe a tad orange, but as we get into summer I'm picking I'll gain a bit more colour than my current 'Casper' complexion. I think this is a more hit and miss product of their BB range but may be better suited for the actual targeted age as a product suited for dryness and less coverage is what I think they're aiming for. Nonetheless, I will probably continue to use it by making my own tinted moisturiser concoction.

The sweet and sour...
  • The sweet and sour...
  • Pretty true colours, although only two shades to choose from.
  • Made my face shiny.
  • Easy to apply, little coverage.

50ml , NZ $17.49

Let me know your thoughts! Are you a fan of Garnier BB creams?


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  3. Nice to see your blog and I totally agree with you regarding this bb cream!I'll be back for sure:)

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